What Are Your 2018 Goals?

Posted by Jeff Hornstein on Jan 12, 2018 11:35:43 AM

Did you accomplish your 2017 goals?  If yes, congratulations, you are ahead of most people.  If not, no worries, we are only two weeks into 2018.  However, we'd like to suggest that you reflect on the goals you didn't accomplish and see if you discover whether of not "communication" was a common factor.  Did you communicate clearly enough via email, text, or in person?  Did you ramble, and take way too much time talking about irrelevant details that your audience didn't care about? 

When we dig into communication challenges with our clients, we find the examples above are very common and do pose problems for those they are trying to communicate to, and with.  Especially when you are communicating upward, make it easy for your listeners to process and understand what you are communicating.  If you don't, you risk being misunderstood, or worse, getting overlooked  for future opportunities.   

So now, do you think the quality of your communication had anything to do with not hitting your targets?  We'd bet if you took a hard honest look, you'd find that indeed your communication had a lot to do with many unmet goals. 

Every time to speak you are presenting yourself and selling your ideas. Be it in business or personal situations, we all are constantly presenting and selling ourselves.   

Here are 3 absolute must do's for you:

1. Learn how others perceive you. Don't guess, or even worse, think you are accurately judging this.  Outside objective opinions, are the only way to know for sure.  Seek the feedback from many sources, especially from those who may have been involved in your goals.

 2. Ask yourself how you desire to be perceived. Does this match up with how others perceive you?  

3. If #1 and #2 are a match - congratulations you have a head start on most people! If not, you have work to do.  Start getting clear on how to close the gap between #1 and #2 for you.  

If you need assistance with this, The Speaker's Choice can support you.  We not only help our clients be perceived as they desire, we help them create and deliver more powerful, credible and impactful presentations and conversations. 

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Communication is consistently ranked the #1 business skill for career advancement.  One distinction between written and spoken communication is profound: Spoken communication is a one-time shot.  You can prepare to speak, but you can't proofread what you’ve said after the fact.

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