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How well do you deal with challenging Q & A?

Posted by Jeff Hornstein on Dec 6, 2017 11:37:05 AM

Standing in front of an audience and presenting information effectively is often difficult, even with a neutral or ambivalent audience.  What's more challenging is an angry audience peppering you with tough questions while you attempt to maintain composure.  How you handle Q & A will most certainly influence the audience's perception of you, and possibly reflect poorly on your organization.  Do a great job dealing with questions for 45 minutes...they will be impressed.  Stumble and stammer for 5-10 seconds during the first 2 questions, prepare yourself to deal with negative feedback that will likely follow.   

Throughout the course of our career's in the communications field, we've had many participants share some really good ideas that they picked up somewhere along the way.  On the flip side, we've heard some really lousy ideas too, that in some case are totally counter to what we suggest.    

Please take a look at the 5 Q & A techniques listed below.  Let us know which one's you think we'd say were good, and which one's might be counter to our recommendations.  HINT: the techniques below will be a mix of good and lousy ideas.   

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The Three Legged Stool Approach: Perfecting the Way You Communicate

Posted by Jeff Hornstein on Nov 21, 2017 3:34:20 PM
According to a University of Arizona study, the average person speaks about 16,000 words during the course of one day. Think about it, 16,000 words! How many of those words are spoken at work every day? Literally thousands. With all those spoken words, can you imagine the incredible impact your speaking can have on others' opinions of you?
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Speak • Connect • Influence

Communication is consistently ranked the #1 business skill for career advancement.  One distinction between written and spoken communication is profound: Spoken communication is a one-time shot.  You can prepare to speak, but you can't proofread what you’ve said after the fact.

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